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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Which scenes do you wish were in there?
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16th-Nov-2005 04:18 pm - A clear-up.
All right, let me clear something up. This had to do with a story posted the other day that depicted a fairly smutty situation between two men in the book.

Now, according to what Jo Rowling has said and not said, there has not been canonical proof of a homosexual relationship. As much as I would have loved to believe that Sirius and Remus were getting their groove on before Sirius died, it's only subtext I find in the books, as many slashers do. Jo hasn't confirmed any of this, but she hasn't denied it either. I'm going to lay it out here, and I may lose members and watchers, but I really don't think, if Jo had put in a homosexual couple, she would make them quite so smutty, but then what goes on behind doors (which is one of the reasons of this community), is up to your discretion.

Simply put, no slash of any kind allowed in this community.

I don't want people arguing about how Harry was obsessed with Draco in HBP because I will come around and tell you that he was lusting after Ginny Weasley. Don't argue subtext because you hope the ship happened, especially if it's going to be contradicted by something that is in the books.

I love slash, but it's not in the books, and no matter how you see the characters, unless Jo says it's canon, it ain't happening.

If you want to discuss what het ship is allowed in this comm, go right ahead in the comments, and I do hope that you guys don't argue the stupidiest things, really.
Ron/Hermione - CoS
15th-Nov-2005 06:18 pm - 2 Part Ron/Hermione Missing Moment
Author: Co-written by pili204 & spidergirl30
Title: Taking a Step Forward (Part 1)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3,389
Summary: After Ron's break-up with Lavender, Hermione decides that she needs to do something to change her relationship with Ron. Ron realizes his feelings for Hermione go deeper than friendship. So what will they do about it?

Notes: This is a 2-part Missing Moment from HBP, chapter 24. It starts after Ron announces his break-up with Lavender. The second part will be told from Ron’s POV. Characters’ thoughts are written in italics.

Taking a Step ForwardCollapse )

Title: Together

Author: OHGinnyfan

Pairing: Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks

Word Count: Approx. 1,071

Rating: Everyone (G)

Warnings: None

Summary: A missing moment from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince where Remus and Tonks have a talk.


TogetherCollapse )</em>

Coffee give me coffee
13th-Nov-2005 08:47 pm(no subject)

Author: Dimgwrthien
Title: Christmas Morning
Summary: Christmas turned out to be a harsh day, mainly for Remus Lupin, who was trying to find love in the form of a brown-haired Auror.
Warning: Er, none.
Word Count (if it's a story): 1,306 words
Rating: G
Notes: This story takes place most likely a bit after the Minister visited Harry and the Weasleys.

Christmas MorningCollapse )

Second Coming
13th-Nov-2005 04:52 pm - Without Him
Author: pili204 (First published at Checkmated)
Title: Without Him
Word Count: 2,975
Rating: PG
Summary: When Hermione finds out that Ron is in the hospital wing after being poisoned, she ralizes that she needs to have his frienship back. What will their talk in the hospital wing lead to? **A Missing Moment from HBP**

Without HimCollapse )
13th-Nov-2005 02:22 am - Today a Death
Author: antonia_east (written in writing journal lily_tarn)
Title: Today a Death
Word Count: 3,266
Rating: G
Summary: Missing moment: Hermione's feelings as she waits outside the hospital wing when Ron is poisoned.

Today a DeathCollapse )
evil queenie
9th-Nov-2005 01:06 am - Intro post.
Hey all,

Welcome to hbpmissingscene! This is for any and all fanfiction written and fanart drawn that depicts misssing scenes from the sixth book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

You may have read the book feeling that you wish there was a scene in there that you hoped was written, and either went about writing it yourself or have seen others write it. Well, this is the place where they can all be posted and archived.

So, if you have any fanfiction you have written, or if you have any missing scenes that you would like to write, this is the place for you. Also, if you have drawn anything that could be a missing scene, it is more than welcome here as well.

Though, remember, the story and scene should fit into the canon realms of the sixth book. If there has been any sort of information that has been either nullified by the new canon or denied by JK Rowling herself, then there really isn't a possibility of it ever happening, right?

So, if you've read the book, and figured 'I wonder when this scene must have happened and how...', etc., then join hbpmissingscene, where you can write or draw anything you thought was missing, and read other stories and see other art of missing scenes from the sixth book.

If you have any questions or comments, just ask them here.

Spread the word around to your friends if they're interested as well!
Ron/Hermione - CoS
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