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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Which scenes do you wish were in there?

HBP Missing Scenes
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Welcome to hbpmissingscene! This is for any and all fanfiction written and fanart drawn that depicts misssing scenes from the sixth book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

You may have read the book feeling that you wish there was a scene in there that you hoped was written, and either went about writing it yourself or have seen others write it. Well, this is the place where they can all be posted and archived.

So, if you have any fanfiction you have written, or if you have any missing scenes that you would like to write, this is the place for you. Also, if you have drawn anything that could be a missing scene, it is more than welcome here as well.

Though, remember, the story and scene should fit into the canon realms of the sixth book. If there has been any sort of information that has been either nullified by the new canon or denied by JK Rowling herself, then there really isn't a possibility of it ever happening, right?

So, if you've read the book, and figured 'I wonder when this scene must have happened and how...', etc., then join hbpmissingscene, where you can write or draw anything you thought was missing, and read other stories and see other art of missing scenes from the sixth book.

The format for the heading of the story and art (which should always be put under an LJ-cut), is as followed:

Word Count (if it's a story):

Any rating is allowed, from G-NC-17, though bear in mind that the main teenage characters were probably not shagging in broom closets or in their dorms, because that would sort of go against how the books are. Adults, in a heterosexual relationship, of course, are a different story, but as always, should stick to what might have happened during the time of Harry Potter's sixth year.

As this is based on canon facts given to us, it would be preferential that the fics remain either as genfics or as canon ship-based fanfictions. Whatever ships have been disproved or nullified by JK Rowling will not be allowed here, I'm sorry, and this includes slash pairings.

-- Any comments/questions/ideas/criticisms can be asked here.